Banned Goods Slippers: One Size Fits Most Explained

Banned Goods Slippers: One Size Fits Most Explained

We’re often asked – how do I choose my size slippers? We get it, you obviously want to get a pair that fits you well. The good news is that with Banned Goods, you never have to worry about what size slippers to get, because every pair is one size fits all.

In order to be as accessible and inclusive as possible, Banned Goods slippers are specially designed to fit feet between US size 4 and US size 13. 

You might be wondering how that’s possible, or whether the slippers will be loose and flop about if they’re too big for you. Well, in response to that we say that Banned Goods slippers are unlike any other slippers in the world because they come with two unique features that make them super snug and super comfortable – no matter your foot size. 

So, what are these two features?

1.  Moldable foam

All Banned Goods slippers have moldable foam. The more time you spend in your slippers, the better an impression forms in the foam, ultimately leading to slippers that hug your feet, no matter your foot size or foot shape. That means you could have size 3 or size 13 feet, or narrow or wide feet, and your Banned Goods slippers will still fit you perfectly.

2. Plush Ultrasoft Foam

The other feature is that the insides of Banned Goods slippers are made from plush, ultrasoft foam. The foam makes sure your feet rest snugly within the slippers, no matter their size. That’s why our slippers are so cosy for lounging about, and why they feel like you’re walking on air when you wear them.

Fun, stylish gifts for everyone

Like we said, Banned Goods slippers are designed for everyone. Because they’re unisex and one size fits all, they make the perfect gift for friends, family, and all the sneakerheads in your life. No more wondering about “how do I choose my size?” If you’re looking for your next new pair of slippers, browse our collection or check out our tiktok slippers that have taken the social media world by storm! No matter your style, we got you covered.

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