The Best Sneaker Slippers - Christmas Gifts for all the Family

The Best Sneaker Slippers - Christmas Gifts for all the Family

Christmas shopping can be sole-destroying (pun intended). Knowing what to get every family member in time for Christmas Day can be a big challenge. But look no further, we are here to help!. At Banned Goods we have compiled a list of our most popular slippers that would be appreciated by each member of your family! All of our slippers are one-size-fits-most (US 4-13) and they’re so cozy - you’ll never want to take them off!

1. Grandma - Pink Lows  - $44.95

pink low sneaker slippers

She has grace, she has style - she’s been waiting for Pink Lows a whole while. Always getting you socks for Christmas, why not get Granny something comfortable to put her own feet in? The Pink Lows are fun and stylish, with ultra-soft pink plush - she’ll look cooler than you rocking a pair of these! What’s more, 10% of the sales price from every one of these slippers sold will go to the American Cancer Society in their fight against breast cancer. 

2. Grandpa - Wave - $44.95

wave sneaker slippers

Grandpa might already have running shoes that look like this - so why not translate outdoor style to indoor comfort? These classic color Wave slippers are soft, stylish and hug the feet. He will never want to take them off!

3. Dad - Black/Gray BC3™ - $44.95

black sneaker slippers

Tell dad to throw out his tired old slides -Update and influence his sneaker collection instead, with a dope pair of these black/gray BC3™s. Black and gray plush complement each other with red accents for that added touch of the real sneaker that we all know and love. 

4. Mom - ZBRA™ - $44.95

zbra sneaker slippers

Your mom will earn her sneakerhead stripes with these slippers. A vibrant and striking black and white stripe will give her feet a style boost. The ZBRA™ slippers have been designed to cushion your feet with foam and plush. Perfect at Christmas to warm up her feet and relax after the day’s festivities.

5. Lil Bro - Moo Low - $44.95

moo low sneaker slippers

Moo-ve over boring house slippers, Say hello to our  funky, extra chunky and very colorful Moo Low sneaker slippers. Your little bro will be super lit while gaming or relaxing in style after playing sports with his new Banned Goods slippers Made for indoors but durable enough for a quick trip to the mall or movie theatre. 

6. Lil Sis - OG Tie Dye- $44.95

tie dye slippers

We’re certain your lil sis will love the OG Tie Dye slippers, plus she’s probably seen them on TikTok by now! Trendy in style and very popular online, lil sis will be smiling and posing for pics all holiday long in her new Banned Goods slippers. 
P.S! Looking for a second pair to make fun videos together? Our OG slipper collection comes in just about every color from pink to purple - red to green!

7. Older Bro - Desert Low - $44.95

desert low slippers

Banned Good’s Desert Low sneaker slippers are the perfect gift for your older bro. He has been around as sneaker styles have evolved over the  years and his taste is sophisticated, but cool. This west coast paisley design is the most chill of our entire collection! Big Bro will kick back and watch the game this holiday in his new Banned Goods slippers - And, he’ll look damn good doing it!

8. Older Sis - Rainbows - $44.95

rainbows sneaker slippers

The cult of the chunky sneaker is far from over yet and retro is in, big-time. That’s why this Christmas your older sis will love a pair of the Rainbows quirky giant slipper shoes. They’re fun, colorful and different, making your older sister an instant trendsetter and influencer - You will not go wrong! They are our most loved slippers on Instagram!

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