Tik-Tokkin’ Teacher Steps Up To The Challenge - BANNED GOODS

Tik-Tokkin’ Teacher Steps Up To The Challenge

We all remember the month of May 2020! When the world stopped and everyone took to social media to stay connected.

Banned Goods was tagged in an extra special request by a local teacher, Mrs Luke, and her students. One of Mrs. Luke's students requested that she get a pair of comfy slippers. But strapped for budget, Mrs Luke got in touch to win herself some Banned Goods slippers. We challenged her to go viral on Tiktok and get 500k likes to get her slippers for free...and a pair for all her students, making them the coolest class on the block!

But was luck on Mrs Luke’s side? Watch the TikToks on our profile to find out!


The power of TikTok helped Mrs Luke win Banned Goods’ iconic sneaker slippers for her and her entire school class!

Feel inspired? Do you accept the challenge? Get your TikTok post to 500,000 likes to receive a pair of Banned Goods slippers for free!

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