Top Sneaker Slipper Styles for Mother's Day

Top Sneaker Slipper Styles for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate all the great moms out there, and while we all love our moms, thinking up what to get them for Mother's Day each year can become a bit of a hassle (sorry mom!)

Do you get chocolates? Or flowers? Or both - but wait, that’s exactly what you got last year! Ugh - 

This year, give your mom the gift of warm feet with Banned Goods’ cozy sneaker slippers. A unique option which you probably haven’t got her before, our bouncy house shoes are the perfect fun gift for Mother’s Day that won’t break the bank.

We’ve listed our best styles for cool moms below - read about each one and choose the style that’s right for your mom-in-a-million.

Pink lows

The obvious choice for a mom who likes the typically girly styles, the pink lows are a safe bet.

This original slipper design in hot pink will go down a treat with hypebeast moms, but also moms who just want a new pair of slippers!

White lows

If you want a toned-down style to go with any look, then the white lows are a no-brainer.

This style is a firm favorite with all Banned Goods fans, and white is a great choice if you’re not sure what color your mom would like and want to play it safe.


The Rainbows are the perfect pair for the mom who brings sunshine into your life. With nine different colors featured in this design, these are perfect for moms who love all things bright and bold.

Tie Dye

Do Mother's Day slippers justice with the tie-dye style from Banned Goods. One of our newer colorways in the OG range, the tie-dye slippers are as colorful as they are comfortable.


Check out Ashanti’s favorite pair. Mom too, will love the Wheats. It’s a classic Banned Goods original style that continues to stand the test of time as a top seller.

In a neutral brown, these slippers go with every outfit and are a great option for moms who have a toned-down, subtle style.

Banned Goods slippers for Mother's Day 

All Banned Goods slippers are made from high quality materials that last. Filled with premium plush that molds around your feet for maximum comfort, and one size fits most (US sizes 4-13), they’re the perfect way to give your mom’s feet a hug on Mother's Day.

Order yours now to get them in time for Mother’s Day!

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